Fabrics since 1955

We have been importing and distributing wholesale fabrics for 70 years. And we do it the best way to meet your requirements: with stock always on hand, fast service and assured quality right from the source.

Find all you need in our collections for basics, carnival, children, handcrafts and garments.

Marín y Carbonell

Tradition and closeness

Our great-grandfather taught us the art of working with fabrics in the traditional way: with care and attention to detail. But the most outstanding point he shared with us is the importance of providing a strong customer service. No matter how many metres you need, be sure that you will be satisfied choosing our services.

Fabrics with colours and designs always available in stock.
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Shipments to destinations all over Spain. 72h shipments to Europe.
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Textile professionals. Agents in each country of distribution.
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When we started offering sustainable fabrics more than 20 years ago in a market where this was practically unthinkable, it was a challenge. But we had the clear idea of leaving a better world for future generations.

Experience is a decisive factor, and thanks to this experience we can offer you the best price for an eco-friendly product. We import certified quality fabrics, both in terms of origin as well as treatment.


About Marín y Carbonell

We have stories to tell you

José Carbonell began in the textile sector in 1939 and founded this company in 1955. Since then, all the experiences that our family has gathered helped us to reach people like you, who are looking for the best at a good price and with a supplier you can rely on.

Importing and distributing fabrics is a complex world, but one of our key values is to be always at the forefront of our sector in order to continue being a reference. Four generations later, we are still here, making it as easy as possible for you to succeed in your business.